About Us

We Add The Blu to Green Friendly Car Washing!

Blu Palm Car Wash is Sarasota’s locally owned, family run car wash. Formally known as Tropical Car Wash Detail Center, Blu Palm is the oldest and highest rated car wash in Sarasota. However, our wash is far from old and run down!

Our newly revamped car wash offers state of the art technology, chemistry, and service that can only be provided by the local experts that you know and trust. We pride ourselves in putting our customers first and anticipating their changing wants and needs.

Enjoy a local wash experience that never fails to impress with the excellence and innovation that you deserve!

Going Green

Our wash Process uses Eco Friendly chemicals, retains all water that enters the site from rain or moisture, and conserves energy with LED lights and energy efficient equipment.

We’re equipped with:

Recycled Water Systems

Water Reclamation Systems

Underground Maxwell Retention Basin

Eco-Friendly Chemicals Retained on Site

Energy-Efficient LED Lighting

Energy-Saving State-of-the-Art Equipment